Uday Kumar
Chief Technology Officer

Uday Kumar, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Encore Software Services, has several decades of experience working with a variety of technologies ranging from Mainframe Transaction Processing Applications to Rich Internet Application Development frameworks.

Uday specializes in creating enterprise class architecture for customers across vertical domains such as Retail, Utility, Services, and High Technology. Uday Kumar supplements his technology interests with a keen interest in Mathematics, Poetry, and Teaching. He is a registered faculty of the Berkeley University Extension to teach Game Programming, Advanced Java Programming, Secure Product Development, and Computer Forensics. He has worked with the Extension in creating and offering a full-fledged Certificate course in Software Security. He has also taught System Analysis at the Keller School of Management. He is also the co-founder and CTO of a couple of Silicon Valley start-ups specializing in security training, consulting, and learning management.

Prior to Encore, Uday Kumar has held positions of Director and Vice President of Technology in Covansys and later in CSC.

Uday holds Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Science from India.