Radha Krishnan

Radha Krishnan, President of Encore Software Services, has twenty five plus years in software services to large enterprise clients. He started his career in the software industry as a programmer / analyst at Chevron soon after graduation from Northern Illinois University. He later shifted his career where he took up the role of evangelizing outsourcing for companies that were shifting their software platforms and were looking for expertise outside where they lacked it internally. From outsourcing within US to outsourcing to India, he has experienced the transformation of the industry and has had a track record of advising many large enterprise clients in the US on their outsourcing strategies. He has also advised software services strategies and participated in forums held by the Governments of The Philippines and the Government of New Zealand. He was also an advisor to the Board of a $40 Billion plus Japanese conglomerate in their efforts to have a footprint in the software services industry in India. Prior to Encore, Radha was the CEO of a successful startup in the services industry that was acquired by Ness Technologies of Israel in 2006.

Radha has a graduate degree in Heat Power Engineering from University of Madras and a graduate degree in Management Information Systems from Northern Illinois University