Encore-mobility1Mobile applications have become pervasive – Encore uses a variety of technologies to build intuitive, interactive, and effective mobile applications for our customers. In addition to being a new interactive channel for accessing Enterprise Applications and Content, these mobile applications are also first-class citizens in their own right incorporating significant functionality.

Encore uses native SDKs to build Android and IOS applications that are deployed to the Google PlayStore and the Apple Store respectively. These applications use a variety of features such as Push Notifications, Alerts, SMS Integration, Local Storage, Device capabilities access, and GPS to provide a host of rich features. Cross functional teams work on all aspects of Mobile Application development which range from creating UI elements, evolving UX strategies, building effective architectural and design solutions, and incorporating guidelines for publication to the stores.

Our native applications are targeted towards a wide variety of device form-factors which range from the smallest phone to the largest tablet. Given the increasing support of HTML5 on the various device browsers, Encore also creates mobile web applications and hybrid applications which can operate across platforms. We use a variety of frameworks such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator, JQuery Mobile etc. to create these applications. Our responsive design enables us to scale seamlessly across device form-factors from the mobile to the desktop.

Encore also offers a variety of testing services to validate the functionality of the mobile applications across devices, browsers, operating system versions, and networks. We use Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere to have real device access over the cloud and Testing frameworks such as Appium and Selenium to test our native and web based applications.