With Enterprise Architecture becoming increasingly complex, CIOs are faced with mounting security threats which affect all categories of applications. These problems are compounded by the advent of Cloud based architecture – both on the Infrastructure and Application domains. Keeping such a heterogeneous environment secure is a significant challenge for Businesses.

Encore meets that challenge by providing a complete set of Security services through our partnership with Truvantis. Encore brings its Enterprise Development expertise, Process strengths, Global Delivery capabilities, and a Quality focus to the partnership while Truvantis provides Deep Security expertise, certified consultants, and Flexible Service offerings.

The Security services cover all aspects of our Customer’s business including Infrastructure, Business Processes, and Products. Using an effective combination of Commercial and Open Source tools Encore provides IT Security solutions and takes the pain out of compliance and audit processes. Our consultants work with Clients to identify and manage security risks and provide assurance that Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data and operations are protected in a way that is practical and affordable.

Encore provides Network Assurance Services which includes Topology audits, and Vulnerability Testing. These help identify ‘reachability’ of devices on the network and determine targets for highest priority remediation.

From an application perspective, Encore offers Static Code Analysis for identifying security weaknesses in the source code, as well as Application Scanning for identifying weaknesses in Web Sites and deployed applications. These services are complemented by Penetration Testing Services which identifies vulnerabilities by simulated attacks.

Keeping our customer’s applications and data secure is a high priority for Encore and this is reflected by the ISO 27001 certification of our Delivery Centers.