Encore uses the Cloud to deliver our software solutions – in this context we are a heavy user of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) offerings provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use AWS Infrastructure for our Development, QA, Staging, and Prototyping environments. We also use set-up and provision Customer’s Production Environments on the cloud and deploy our software to these virtual machines.

In addition to using Infrastructure Services, Encore also uses bundled software offerings from AWS for specific solutions such as Reporting, Databases, and Analytics. We are a Registered Tier Member of the AWS Partner Program and our engineers are certified in various AWS technology tracks.

We have a growing consultancy practice which advises small and medium sized businesses on the strategies, opportunities, and challenges involved in migrating their IT Environments to the Cloud.

Encore also builds applications using Cloud based APIs to create a pure cloud aware software solution. These APIs are provided by Cloud computing vendors such as Google App Engine, AWS, and Microsoft Azure etc. Various application types such as Business Transactional, Media Processing, Content Streaming, and Database Centric are deployed by Encore to these cloud environments.

Encore also uses Cloud based environments for our Software Development Processes – we use Atlassian’s JIRA and Greenhopper for our distributed Issue Management and Agile Project Management respectively. We also use GitHub for distributed configuration management – which enables our global teams to collaborate on Agile Projects.