Over the last 10 years, Encore has helped several software product companies take their ideas to fruition. We offer a broad horizon of product engineering services including help select technologies, develop architectural footprint, product development, testing and support.

We know that product development and incubation team requires an entirely different mindset; ability to work with evolving and imprecise requirements, focus on innovation, long term vs. short term choices, technology adoption etc.

Encore has incubated several successful software product companies and has built a strong technical team who are an expert in Software Product Development.

Encore provides Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Product Development:
Encore uses Agile and Waterfall methodologies to provide ISVs with Product Development Services. These include setting up Configuration Management Systems, mobilizing distributed development teams, Product Management, and Testing.

Product Requirements Definition:
Encore Business Analysts use a combination of interactive and non-interactive techniques to define Product Requirements. These are based on Market Intelligence and Trends and provide ISVs with the necessary rigor in defining Marketing Requirement Documents.

Product Engineering Services

Release Management:
ISVs with multiple Product lines and Product versions require careful management of these Releases to ensure optimum use of scarce Development and Testing resources. Encore provides Technology and consulting services to create robust and resilient Release Management processes for ISVs.

Support Services:
Product Support including Patch Management, License Management, and Third Level Support are provided by Encore as part of its comprehensive support services to ISVs.

Obsolescence Strategies:
Encore provides ISVs with strategies to prune their Product Lines by eliminating older releases. These include deprecation services and customer outreach campaigns.