All of us have heard it quite often – Testing can only show the existence of defects and never their absence, and that exhaustive testing quickly becomes impossible even in small systems. Thorough testing & time saving are key buzz words for any test team. But, how do you achieve both? How do you pack more coverage into fewer tests? Teams that carefully analyze the actual coverage achieved by their existing tests usually discover far more potentially serious coverage gaps than they anticipated.

Being intelligent about which test cases you choose can make all the difference between (a) endlessly executing tests that just aren’t likely to find bugs and don’t increase your confidence in the system and (b) executing a concise, well-defined set of tests that are likely to uncover most (if not all) of the bugs and that give you a great deal more comfort in the quality of your software.

What if you are able to additionally generate automation scripts and execute your tests with no test automation experience required?

Encore’s OPTIMA is your Solution!

OPTIMA consistently achieves superior coverage even while using fewer tests. It might seem counterintuitive to people unfamiliar with Combinatorial testing that more thorough coverage can be achieved while using fewer tests, but this is a clear and well-established fact. It is particularly effective in finding errors associated with faulty logic within computer software systems.

Encore’s OPTIMA is a Comprehensive solution to test Software. OPTIMA utilizes the following effectively to generate Automation Test Scripts

Model Based Testing


Behavior of System under Test (SUT) is extracted from

  • Business Requirements
  • Use Cases
  • Functionality Specifications etc.

Behavior is used to define SUT Model using

  • UI elements
  • Possible Values
  • Application Flow
  • Business Rules

Test Case Optimization using Combinatorial testing

OPTIMA uses an efficient automated Combinatorial Testing algorithm to generate Optimized Test Cases

  • Takes SUT Model along with the Business Rules as input
  • Creates Optimized Test Cases that are annotated with placeholders for data injection

Optimization level can be specified to suite the criticality of application


Test Data Generation


Behavior is used to define SUT Model using

  • OPTIMA uses Test Data Generator to create accurate realistic test data very fast
  • Annotated place holders are replaced with generated Test Data
  • Test Data Generator has flexible input specification that allows control over format, length, and precision of generated data.

OPTIMA’s Hybrid Test Automation Framework

  • Keyword and Data driven
  • Supports Multi Browser testing
  • Supports Web and Desktop Apps
  • Powered by Selenium Web Driver
  • Sikuli (for image and graphics intensive sites)
  • Automation Test Scripts
  • Generates Keyword, Scenario Steps and Object files
  • Which are used by the Framework to execute test cases
  • And Capture Results

Benefits of OPTIMA

Achieve more coverage with fewer test cases compared to Traditional testing: OPTIMA’s efficient Combinatorial Testing algorithm optimizes test cases with a goal of increased coverage, thus enabling efficient and effective testing.

Technology independent Test design: OPTIMA is independent of the technology stack used in the Applications under test.

Minimizes repetitive testing: OPTIMA has a powerful test case generation algorithm that systematically eliminates wasteful repetition from every test scenario. If a given combination of test condition has already appeared in a test case, other combinations of values will be found by the algorithm and used instead of repeating the existing combination. OPTIMA’s blazingly-fast optimization algorithm sifts through thousands of value combinations to achieve this goal. With wasteful repetition eliminated, you now require fewer tests to achieve comprehensive testing.

Easy Test Automation: OPTIMA can generate automation scripts and execute them – end to end test operations within a single environment. Users of OPTIMA do not require prior automation experience.

Quick Turnaround Time: Reduces time to market and improves cost savings by enabling faster test script generation and execution. Application changes and regeneration of automation test scripts is very quick.

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