Emerging Social and digital technologies have revolutionized the way we connect with the rest of the world at an unprecedented speed and ease. The opportunities that this medium has to offer are plenty and organizations have already started exploiting its features to cater to their evolving business needs.

With boundaries between social and collaborative applications disappearing at a fast pace, transactional activities are augmented by applications that enable social interactions. This change has led to revamping the functioning of various departments while making prudent decisions about investments in business applications. Today, Social networks are presenting new categories of information based on social interaction leading to drastic changes in operational processes, employee engagements, customer interactions and partner relationships.

Social Media platform expose a rich set of functionality through well-defined APIs. Encore uses these interfaces to build Commerce, Collaboration, and Media rich applications that exist within the Social media platform and provide users with the ability to purchase goods, exchange information, and consume video and audio content without having to leave the social media environment. These applications are highly configurable and allow merchants to have customized shopping carts, an extensive array of payment options, product catalog management, and skins.

Enterprises need an effective collaboration platform that brings together different constituencies within the organization. Encore uses Social Media technologies to build an Enterprise wide private Social network that provides features such as Identifying Experts, Coaching Circles, mediated discussion forums, on-demand web meetings, content upload and publishing, micro-blogs etc. Analytics services can be used to process the information collected through these networks and allow Enterprises to identify latent ideas within their organization which can be transformed into viable product and business offerings.

To compete in today’s environment, organizations require being nimble and adaptive. A key feature of such adaptive organizations is the ability to Collaborate – across teams, across geographies, and across partners. Encore enables this by building Software that has a compelling User Experience and powerful Data models. We consider data as a corporate asset that provides competitive advantages to our customers – and our teams build collaborative environments which allow data insights to be created and delivered through intuitive Dashboards across various Enterprise constituents.

Using Portal Technologies and Visualization Frameworks, Encore provides Customers with the ability to query and analyze a variety of data elements. Distributed data processing frameworks allow Encore teams to create collaborative solutions that help our Customers in analyzing constantly changing Enterprise data.