The retail sector is going thru a major transformation. The current situation in the global economy and consumer downturn has brought forward additional challenges for the organizations in this sector. Worldwide, CMOs are under pressure to make prudent IT expenditure owing to increased influence of social media, dynamic consumer behavior and fast changing shopping habits. In the last few years online channels have outperformed all other retail channels thus helping to keep the operating costs low and pass on the benefits to consumers.

Encore’s portfolio of services enable retail organizations to operate their information technology systems more cost effectively and efficiently. Our offerings span the entire spectrum of retail value chain covering marketing, merchandising, supplier collaboration, warehouse management, and store management operations. We have vast experience in deploying solutions on analytics, mobile commerce and RFID. We have helped several of our retail customers succeed in the market place by providing online solutions that leverages social, mobile technologies, business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Our niche solutions include social media based retail social commerce solutions that help our clients create shopping carts, media streaming, video-on-demand, ticketing solutions, developing mobile applications for logistics tracking and optimizing big data. We also help in integration, transformation and sunset their current systems that might act as a roadblock to seamless flow of information across platforms

With our thorough understanding of the Logistics industry, we partner with some of the best names in this sector to offer solutions across:

  • Supply Chain – Finance, Integration Technology, Inventory Management & Warehouse Management Systems
  • Shipping – Ocean Carrier and NVOCC
  • Freight Forwarding

Some significant achievements have been:

  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Asset utilization improvements
  • Logistics performance optimization
  • Global supply chain visibility and efficiencies