We provide Sustenance engineering services covering the entire life-cycle of a product from deployment to the sunset.

  • This includes L2/L3 support – via remote support – offering 24/7/365 support – incident-based, based on customer defined SLAs across global time-zones.
  • We build a variety of tools and accelerators that enable:
  • Remote Diagnosis and data collection for triage.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance thus improving efficiency and productivity of the support teams
  • We also create calibration tools, installs, patch-management tools for the devices deployed at client sites.
  • We also offer IoT & mobility solutions for enhancing the maintenance process by implementations providing data for preventive maintenance and better managing the health of the devices.
  • We also work as part of the client’s product sustenance teams working on fixes, changes, enhancements for continued usage in a changing environment including new statutory compliance requirements etc., till the sunset of the product.