The medical device industry has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past 20 years, in both revenues and the technical complexity of the products that it produces. With the emergence of new markets, rapidly expanding patient populations, there is an increasing need for creating innovative solutions which will allow the medical device companies to address these demands, reduce costs and, at the same time comply with the rapidly changing regulatory requirements.

Based on its extensive experience working with Medical device companies as well as its expertise in the device industry and the healthcare space, Encore’s MediTech Practice specializes in developing and implementing solutions and services aiding its Client’s products go-to market rapidly. Some of the specialties that the practice has been majorly associated with – besides others – include Ophthalmology, Radiology, Cardiology and Oncology.

Encore MediTech Practice adds value to its clients in the following areas:

  • Product Engineering – in new product initiatives involving but not restricted to Application development, Driver Development, Imaging technologies, Algorithm implementations, Mobility, Cloud/IoT implementations etc., cross specialities
  • Data Management & Connectivity – implementing connected health based on standards like DICOM, HL7, FHIR, IHE, and services & solutions around DICOM-enabling modalities
  • Software Verifications & Validation towards compliance – in offering Verification & Validation services for the client’s products towards meeting Quality as well as Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Sustenance Engineering – including but not restricted to preventive, corrective, remote (L2/L3), and sustenance of existing products till sunset of the product/application
  • Enterprise Services – in implementing and maintaining the business process systems and services that are essential for the companies to better manage their customers, operations, and their growth
  • Design & Architecture: We design & architect the systems in such as a way that they are scalable, maintainable, and secure to minimize support costs
  • Security: If any PII is handled in the device, we know how to secure the data to comply with regulations such as HIPPA. This includes hardening the OS and application software against potential threats