Applying to Encore

At Encore, it is all about collaboration. Thanks to our robust global delivery model, teams across the world engage in real-time interaction which fosters better bonding and team spirit.

We believe in empowering our employees to help them make prudent decisions in the best interests of our customers. Working at Encore is very rewarding and enriching experience.

Encore’s working philosophy is about accelerating your personal and professional growth where you find absolute job satisfaction. Irrespective of what department you belong to at Encore, you are always challenged to ensure you bring out the best in you. The environment is so open that we expect our employees to take ownership of their projects and ensure they remain committed to its successful completion. We value teamwork and allow our employees to engage with their colleagues in an open, honest and collaborative manner.

Interview Process

To ensure that we hire the most appropriate individuals, we conduct a rigorous interview process. A recruiter may contact you to discuss your resume or CV. This may result in a first interview with a recruiter, who will want to discuss your experiences and interests at a high level. You will also have the opportunity to get additional information about the position and what it is like to work at Encore. If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you may have interviews with Encore technology and management teams for in-depth discussion of your skills and experiences.

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