Encore’s OPTIMA is a comprehensive Test Optimization solution that includes a complete suite of services including Test Scenario optimization, Test Scenario generation, Test Script creation, and execution. OPTIMA uses a wide array of industry strength algorithms that implement features such as

  • Pairwise testing: Software testing design approach in which a set of test cases are generated that cover all combinations of test data values for each pair of variables
  • Orthogonal Array:Systematic and Statistical based way of testing pair-wise interactions by deriving a minimal set of test cases from a large number of scenarios
  • Equivalence Partitioning: Partition the set of test conditions into groups that can be considered equivalent. Test at least one condition from each group
  • Boundary Value analysis: Software testing technique which includes representatives of boundary values in a range

OPTIMA uses the UI Elements and business rules of the application under test, to create Models which are provided as input to the Optimization algorithm. OPTIMA includes a Selenium driver framework which allows Enterprise Testing teams to execute the generated test scripts. By optimizing Enterprise test scenarios, OPTIMA provides companies with significant cost savings for Functional, Acceptance, and Regression Testing engagements. Encore’s Testing Practice can engage with your teams to provide a variety of services such as:

  • optimize

    Creating Proof of Concepts

    using one of your Enterprise applications to validate OPTIMA for your unique environment

  • consulting

    Product Training

    provide training sessions on OPTIMA for your testing teams

  • engineering

    Professional Services

    customize OPTIMA features for your organization

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